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Homebound 01:14
I bet that you had changed. For some reason that we think to believe, are settling. Think back to what I wrote on paper, its still the same. I'm glad that part of my life is over. Baggage and dead weight. So I guess I'm hung up, yeah. We've covered this. Bad looks and disgust are traits I truely cant miss. Go on with our lives now we're both grown up. Lost contact for months, theres still no need to catch up. There are parts of my life that I think I should change. But I will never write a fucking song about you, ever again. You dont deserve my attention.
It pays the lowest wage Its considered a job 10x10 foot cage They say its better than the rest I’m a part time slave at best Over worked and under-paid. No matter what you say I always end up wrong Broke, no chance of gold So lets play the same old game Of who’s going home alone Its your soul you’ve sold This rent, this place The pressure sinks in for days And I'm lost again with no fucking answers Somehow you make more than me I travel for minimal shifts and work my goddamn ass off While you get to go on “sick leave” At 9am this gate Opens for world For the most part I still hate And your turnover rate We all know is a joke So I’m spitting on its grave. If ranting on this stage Means I'm doing something wrong Its never felt so right Im just acting, acting my age Crying in every song My lifes the saddest sight
And now I'm a ghost, at the bottom of Kingston road. Just west of hell, just east of home. And as I sit here, overthink everything. Begin to over analyze just what It meant to me. Like I'm caught in the rain. A string of bad luck I should be use to this routine. But its the little things, that make me realise, I'm just tired of this scene. With that being said, I wont make a stand. For something I dont believe in. WIth that being said I wont make a stand, for something I dont respect or believe in. Another song about two feet, following your heartbeat. All of that is bullshit. Never got me through anything. ANYTHING AT ALL. I 've got a lot of friends but it dont mean shit. It shows my inner beauty when I treat them like it. I'm always sad or I'm angry. They call it teen angst, so I guess it hasnt left me. I'm not my biggest fan and you should know that, I go back on my words like I never even said them. One day, I'll be able to, lift more than just one finger...for you
Head Case 03:17
This place is dense. As I'm crawling over your protected fence. I'm not holding in what needs to be said. For crying out loud, your days have been spent, on the phone spilling every truth about the life I live. Maybe its just me, and the way I think. You should probably spend more time being less pathetic. ROT, to the bone. In your six foot grave, soon to be called your home. Bury another name. Now all thats left is smoke, in this four wall closet space. I used to know that kid. Now you're just another head case. Just another HEADCASSE Most of my time spent wasted, in a vicious circle in a basement. A step closer to hell and if you couldnt tell I cant relate, I cant relate its... Not me anymore, as I escape out the side door. And with my luck, Ill be stuck forever. I need to find a purpose, something tells me , this is worth it.


Recorded, Engineered and Produced by Derek Hoffman at DHS.
Album Artwork by Kieran Meyn and Dylan Burnett


released August 3, 2012

Jordan Black
Dylan Burnett
Elvy Lee
Cam Ward
Chris Thaung


all rights reserved



Like Pacific Toronto, Ontario

Five dudes with a common love for fast, hard-hitting and melodic music.
Stay Pissed.

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