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Distant Like You Asked

by Like Pacific

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released February 19, 2016




Like Pacific Toronto, Ontario

Five dudes with a common love for fast, hard-hitting and melodic music.
Stay Pissed.

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Track Name: Richmond
[Verse 1]:
As if I had all the answers, to fix your mistakes, I couldn't risk too much, it was all at stake
I lost trust you, I've got a bitter taste in my mouth all the words go south these days
You couldn't talk about your problems, I was never there to listen
I've been here before I'll be back again and this is nothing new
It felt like days were catching up to me with all this pain and suffering
I'm not sure I care, anymore

Build up my hope, I know you knew, I know the truth
My potential wasted slow, beat up and used
Use me some more, give me some room

[Verse 2]:
I guess I'll call it a first, oh how it's mutual and everything you know because you ask me about my days
You don't think before you speak and your interests are not for me
But I'm so alone I need to receive some attention I've been paid

You caught me at the worst spot, in the worst space of your favorite bar
My most hated place, Know that I was trying to relate


[Verse 3]:
Cut me down, the drugs don't do a thing, you should've lied to me
You never fucking ruined me, my head is an open wound, not your tirade

There's nothing to erase, I'm sorry about how I feel

[Alt. Chorus]:
Build up my hope, I know you knew
My potential wasted slow, beat up and used
Use me some more, give me some room

Build up my hope, I know you knew, I know the truth
My potential wasted slow, beat up and used
Give me some room
And now we're through
Track Name: Distant
Lost my only contact with the outside of your room
Collect the specs of nothing that I had left for you
I'd say anything I could if only it would make you stay
This interest is dis-interesting I fail with words you burden me

No, not scared
But sad to say the least
My guard, fell down, with the walls created weak
I felt your love, your stupid love that you had wasted all on me Taste the bitterness of me
I hope you sob, I hope you weep

I don't get it, I'm not on my hands and knees
If begging’s what you like then I will plead
Nothing speaks to me or comforts me
I'm not getting sleep barely functioning
Bury the blame it's all your fault because I'm lost and I'm found but I'm alone in the long run again

Why won't you fall for me I'm distant like you asked me to be

Distant like you asked, hang over my head
My ribs bruised not broken from holding it all in
I see your face unlike the others, I'm sure I'm thought about at times
If the only way way is over it, our time has to die
Track Name: Worthless Case
Simply put but never spoken, put in your place but never woken
Your intentions are repulsive, they're just like you
I'm a victim of something I can't explain, I've always talked it out, it gets me nowhere

Thanks to you, my heads confused, you fuck me up
There's no excuse

Focus on someone else I'm not invested no can't you tell, can't you tell
I'm outside of your interests am I boring am I distant enough to waste your desperate taste
Leave me a worthless case

I guess if miscommunication is in our hands then what I heard isn't what you said
I haven't been homebound in 3 years, I climbed that fence
Where am I who am I kidding?
You took a different route you're so misleading

Thanks to you, I'm broke and bruised
You fuck me up, it's nothing new

There is something that you must confess
Did I fill your time by counting weeks
Waiting on clockwork doesn't make the bags under my eyes seem less desperate and fantasized, calling out my voice is heard it's you I hate
Are you content with being breathless you can't come from pain and expect from me, anything
Track Name: Assisted Breathing
Come down with it, you're expectations are so high
You leave a blank space and an image on my mind

We could rot together, but you wouldn't let me in
The distance, you're beside me I tried to comprehend

These are my hands, swollen and bruised but not as rough as yours
And my hard work is not worth more

I'll sing for myself now, you're the subject of it all
I guess I'm letting my guard down, The first hole in the dry wall
And there I said it, I guess I finally let you in
Why haven't you answered? I'm peeling back my sun burnt skin

I can't breathe for you there are somethings you have to do for yourself

Wasted morals, you've gotta be questioned more because lately I've earned, some fucking answers from you
Time has it's curse it's always to late or two soon to be fragile and burned it could happen to anyone
Track Name: 22A
Settle in this house thats not my home
I chose a place that I kept close
You're living care free, but can you help me
I'll be the one who sees you most
Your hands don't work, I suffer too
But not as much as you
Cause you can't pick and choose

Move from the couch to your bed that night
I never got to say goodbye

Do this laundry list of things
They don't have time but neither do we
I bend over backwards to know that I can
Then why the hell do I feel sad
I hope the views is as good as it sounds
Cause I don't believe in heaven
But we're wasting time in this hell

An unlocked door is questioning
I hear no footsteps in my head
I threw flowers on your casket, they were purchased by my friends
The lack of company is killing me
I know this sorrow too shall pass, but now it's time to make my bed

Don't wait for me, you can turn off the lights and lay as still as you sleep
Track Name: Commitment
Start me off by calming me down
My blood leaves my body
You can hear it hit the ground

Pardon my bed ridden sound
Over sleeping, barely eating
I never thought human contact would create this wasteland

Tie my bones with string, my strength is weakening
One day I will break from these makeshift chains
Create a description you barely listen
But you heard me right this time
Forget our place, forget my name
Forget those ordinary things

Fucking useless, and mostly tasteless see my eyes roll back enough, broken footsteps, my body's a doormat, there is no welcome here at all

When you decide that your ready to start again. Forget it
Why would I waste my time on this

Poison, but covered in a blanket of excuses
Come over here me out for once. No wait forget it, I'm fucking done
Track Name: Hang
I never kept them, The promises I made
Why in the hell would I keep something that meant, nothing to me
I'm sorry I don't feel Bad
Cause I lied and you'll just have to cope, you can get in line or throw me some rope
Hang me off of your ceiling

I'm bent into shape cause you made me who I am today

We can try this once again but inside I feel dead, from the slack in the rope
We can try this once again, but this time I feel it, in the back of my throat

Hanging beside you till I choke
Until I choke

So tell me how, you made it here all by yourself and how you never asked me for my help
And I'll just swallow my fucking pride
If you're gonna change, stop saying it, but I'll never change
Cuz I'm bent into shape cause you made me who I am today
But you're nothing just like me

I've had it up here
With all my fucking fears, just let me function before I say fuck it
Hanging beside you till I
Burning inside until I
Hanging beside you till I
Track Name: Chine Drive
Why do I care, I spent more money than time
I hate the fact that my hearts in tact but not connected with my mind And I left the awkward gifts over my bed
Calling you from chine drive so you can get inside my head

Pleases mean things to me, But your excuses run deep
I'm sorry that you're drinking again, this has to be the fifth time this week
Are of staying for my sake
I swear I changed the lock before you ruined me
What is your destiny?

I'm set set in my ways, look at your wrongs and repeated scenes
And you go on about fake displacement issues like me not fucking mine
My time is out of the question now, Due to the act that I'm nothing and you will do better, Than me

I'm just a goddamn page in a history book
That will never be read due to the fact that I'm nothing and you can do better
So I will write this page, give it a second look
You won't read it anyway due to the fact that I'm nothing and you can do better

You ruined me
Track Name: Dim
I put off things that I hold dear, my heart aches from words unclear You couldn't grasp my destined place, a place you need not to be
Curse me with hope, validate me the same
Use yours words please, tell me you hate me
I think I can handle fate

You lie like I don't But my word punctures through

No light shed on purpose, almost everyday
I feel my patience start to break

I'll take my turn with fate, my open arms are less giving
The marks on my legs from climbing steps, the steps I take so you digress
Figure I'll stay long, the effort was not bought, strictly borrowed from your grip
I'm losing a person I never deserved this but that's life I guess

No light shed on purpose almost everyday
Connected with weakness and my desperate taste
I was no one to you, no that's not longer the case
I feel my patience start to bend and break
Track Name: Scarred
You're not worth my time(no settling)
Please god if you exist, I'm questioning my faith like I never did
You have no answers(for anything)
Do you miss me yet
Cause I always let you take from me

I'd rather bleed to death

You've seen a side of me that's been scarred, burned beyond recognition
If I give you one more chance, will you prove me wrong

Cut open my chest, there's no feeling left
For someone who left me, are we done yet
I'd kill to burn your photos but oh how you'd love that
You're being though about

I'd rather bleed To death
Than be forgotten

You've seen a side of me that's been scarred, burned beyond recognition
If I give you one more chance, than I'm a sucker for repetition
Afraid of blank space, and consistency
You've seen seen a side of me that's been scarred

Peel back my nails, I've never worked so hard
You've seen a side of me that's been scarred

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